Visitors Guidelines


Guidelines for visitors entering into the Eco-tourism of Tiger Reserve and other protected areas.

  • Visitors shall show the entry ticket to staff for checking,
  • Visitors shall co-operate for existing checking like Plastic/Pan/Gutkha/Alcohol, etc., and to avoid any sort of infections. Additional luggage to be avoided.
  • Visitors shall have minimum interaction with staff with respect to details on birds, sanctuary, etc., by maintaining social distancing.
  • Spitting has been strictly prohibited in the Eco-Tourism area.
  • No firearms are allowed inside Tiger Reserve Area.
  • Tourists shall not remove any wildlife articles from Tiger Reserve Area.
  • Loud Music is prohibited inside park area.
  • Tourists are advised not to wear shiny/ Bright colour attire inside park area.
  • All visitors/crew shall submit their staff reporting form.
  • All visitors should carry sanitizer and age proof documents.
  • A penalty of minimum of Rs.1000 per head will be imposed against violators of the guidelines.
  • Food items will not be allowed in the tourism area.
  • Arogya Setu App will be mandatory.